How to get Twitter API Keys or Access Token

In this blog, you’ll learn how to generate Twitter Consumer Key, Consumer Secret key and Access Token for Twitter API.

How to get Consumer and Consumer Secret for Twitter.

Step 01: Go to and log in, if necessary.

Step 02:  Click on Create App

Step 03: Select your primary reason for using Twitter developer tools. for example i have selected “Exploring the API “, You can select according to your reason.

Step 04: Select your country and App name.

Step 05: Fill the details how will you use the Twitter API or Twitter data according to your App.

Step 06: Accept terms and conditions and Submit application.

Step 07: After submitting your application request send to Twitter reviewer team and you get back to email from Twitter team.

Step 08: After approve by twitter you can see app name in your developer account

Step 09: Select Keys and tokens and get your Keys.

Twitter API Keys and token

Get your twitter Access token & access token secret

Step 10: Follow the all steps of above generate keys or get tokens.

Step 11: Click on the Generate button and get your Tokens on popup.